About Us

Para Marcia is grounded in the love of God for all His creation and is passionate about transforming the lives of people in developing nations and war-affected regions. We work together as a partner in building the capacity and ability of those we serve, enabling them to become life-changing and self-sufficient communities.

Para Marcia is Portuguese for "For Marcia". Marcia is a baby who was born in the care of one of our midwives in East Timor who died through a lack of basic facilities (in her case a functioning respirator). We recognise the need for ongoing partnerships between Australia and various developing nations and we believe that Australia is in a unique position to encourage healthier communities in targeted developing countries and war-affected regions through development support.

Timor Leste

It all began for us with some willing Australians wanting to provide practical help for villagers in Timor Leste.  We continue to work amongst the poorest of this nation working closely with local agencies to meet all the need we are able to.

Middle East

The Middle East is a diverse group of nations with an ocean of need.  We aim just to take our bucket and support agencies who help in practical ways.  Check out our projects page for more information.

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