Change the World Starting With ...

At Para Marcia we are crazy enough to believe we can change the world, in fact we are a little bit obsessed with it. The only way to eat and elephant though is one bite at a time and here are our bites.   Our peak hill team has recently performed a survey of the health facilities in the areas and needs.  The needs list is too long of course but we have tried to give you the headlines.  We have also tried to add a few personal stories of our health adventures as well.  We will add to these over time to get our supporters a greater glimpse of the way the world is changing for some of our Timorese freinds.



Lucinda first visited Weberek in 2003 and has seen significant improvement in the health of the village since then.  There is a long way to go and so much more can be done for the people of Weberek and the Weberek Clinic.

Click here for our page on Weberek for information on Weberek and stories of the locals.


Wedauberek is the closest Maternity facility to Weberek but is very basic indeed and needing our help an support in any way that we can manage.  

Click Here to see more information on our work in Wedauberek.


Same hospital is the only "hospital" in the south coast region where we work in Timor.  It is very basic and even rudimentary improvements will save lives and go a long way in improving the health care of Timorese.

Click here for our page on Same.