Container Delivery Update August 2016

Last Monday our container cleared customs in Timor and we were able to unpack it and send it off to the designated areas. Lucinda and Alina were able to facilitate the delivery of the last container with a marathon effort. In order to give them a hand and gain some experience in the clearance process, our friends Doug, Roger and Bill flew up to Dili to meet the container. Here are the handsome men themselves, posing in Dili, outside the same container they helped pack in Parkes. Magic. Below we have pictures of the unloading process and the five trucks that we had organised to take the goods to their various destinations. Before the shipment arrived Lucinda organised with some of the local health officials where the goods would go. This was a fully consultative process with the government health workers  and community leaders. None of the aid we send goes to any particular group or organisation, the distribution is based solely on need and practical considerations (eg. if there is power available)


Love in Action

In case anyone was worried all this hard work and transport are of little help, have a look at these images of some of the equipment from our recent containers in action.  Here are the boys trying to deliver the cot to the Weberek clinic, to no avail as it doesn’t fit.  Clinics in Timor are not built with many practical considerations in mind, like water, power, wheelchair access or with openings large enough for useful equipment.  The cot will now got to Wedauberek or Same.



Please consider donating.

For all of those who have donated to these containers we thank you and want you to know your help has made a difference to the people of Timor Leste.  Please consider donating to our ongoing work in Timor Leste.  Our work continues while there is need.


People gathered on the lawn in our base at Weberek to collect clothing donations from the container.  Martina de Jesus having just given birth is sitting on a bed and mattress donated from the Brisbane container.

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