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Current Shipping Information (as of July 2022)


Packing has begun of another shipment of donations to Timor-Leste from Donations in Kind-Rotary (Kingston, Queensland).
Casa Vida (Child Protection Dili) is still in need of personal computers and Laptops in working order with Windows installed. Sporting goods, particularly soccer balls, volleyballs-nets, basketballs & ball pumps would also be very much appreciated. Sewing Machines in working condition (including sewing equipment) are needed in Timor.
Handheld tools, garden tools, office equipment, first aid equipment, would be a great benefit to people in Timor.
If you are able to help with any donations please contact us. If you are able to help with a donation toward shipping & transport of donations in Timor-Leste or with a donation toward a future ‘Para Marcia’ Container from Brisbane.
Tax deductible donations can be deposited into our ANZ Australia Account:
BSB: 012800,
Account: 294 390 576.

December 2021

Our Shipment has arrived. The container was unpacked on 12 October. Donations have been distributed to pre-schools and children’s programs and clothing and other items will continue to be distributed to those in need in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Rotary for their donation of student chairs!

A second container has been packed at Rotary Kingston. Shipping costs have increased significantly.

If you would like to partner with Para Marcia, donations toward shipping will directly help us to provide more education, clothing medical & household equipment to many families in need in Timor-Leste. Tax deductible donations can be deposited into our Australian ANZ bank account:

BSB: 012800

Account: 294390576

Alternatively, donations can be deposited using the PayPal option on our website.

Shipping 2019

A shipping container was sent from Sydney full of medical supplies for local hospitals and clinics.

Shipping 2017/18

Two containers were sent to Timor in this period. We were able to send and distribute plenty of supplies and clothes for the pre-schools and children's programs. We also were able to send second hand furiniture and other equipment from a nursing home in Parks NSW.

Thank You!

So in 2016 we asked for resources for Timor and we have them. Warehouses overflowing with beds, and examination tables, and chairs and all sorts of different secondhand medical equipment that has been updated in Australian Hospitals, but a world better than they have in Timor. Timor hospitals and clinics are desperate for very basic resources. Our team in Timor frequently bring people into clinics and hospitals to find there are not enough beds or there is no wheelchair, or there is a lack of basic cabinets or basic supplies such as medical gloves and first aid supplies. We were able to ship these, and many other donations, over to Timor Leste with help from you.

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