Ultrasound Machine

From Forbes with love

You may remember last year we reported about a wonderful project of the people of Parkes and Forbes donating and shipping a container of goods to the people of East Timor, with the help of the donations of you good people.  In the container was an ultrasound machine that had been donated from Forbes Hospital.  This is a huge blessing for the people of East Timor because women in rural villages and the city give birth never having had the opportunity of having had an ultrasound, meaning that some preventative measures can not be taken, and midwives have to deal with unpleasant surprises many miles from medical care.

Because of this, an ultrasound machine is a precious and rare medical equipment in East Timor.  Therefore we left the decision of the placement of this machine to Orlando, a local medical area manager.  Orlando felt the machine would be best utilised in Same.  This is one of the larger regional hospitals that you can find out more about HERE.

Another important consideration is that Same hospital has staff from Cuba who have experience in operating an ultrasound machine.  In the picute to the right you can see that the Cuban staff are training the Timorese staff to operate the ultrasound equipment. This is such a blessing because when other Australian hospitals are wanting to donate this kind of equipment we can assure them that there is local training available.