Brisbane Container 2016

Container from Brisbane delivered!

So excited to announce that our latest container to Timor Leste has been packed, loaded, shipped and delivered. Here is some of the action.


In October last year, we held a bit of soiree looking for some help in getting our funds and contents together for our container. Bobbey here came with a fist full of cash that he had got together with some mates and with a commitment from his friends at Rotary, it was a good start. We then received a great response from individuals and churches and then a substantial finishing off amount from the Emerald Christian Assembly. We feel so proud of the community of people who support this work and who have a genuine love for the Timorese people and a real desire to see them live better lives.

The Logistics

Along with cold hard cash we received some great help in warehousing from our friends at Connected Inc. Along with the warehousing these guys offered us a whole range of stuff they had collected from hospitals and clinics around Brisbane. This included electric and non electric hospital beds, hospital cabinets, machines, furniture and boxes of clothes, toys and prescription glasses. We had a little hiccup just as the container was being packed when a donation of some kindy chairs fell through. So at the last minute we bought these chairs you can see being unloaded below. There was also fencing material that needed to go into the container at the very last minute. Finally we squeezed those doors closed, risking the lives of the poor Timorese people who had to unpack it. To the right we see Lucinda and Jim with the container as it is ready to head off. they organised the labour force and the packing of the container with great precision.

Arriving in Timor Leste

When the container arrived in Timor Leste we thankfully had the help of Rotary International in clearing the goods. Lucinda had gone to work arranging the locals with three separate trucks to go to the different destinations. Lucinda worked closely with the regional health workers in East Timor to work out the priority areas of need for the distribution of the goods.

Bringing a little bit of extra happiness

Of course it’s not only about medical equipment and supporting local charities. We always put a certain amount of space aside in our containers for clothing, toys and books for the children. The kids in Timor just have so little, it really doesn’t take much to bring them some joy. One thing we didn’t get in this container that I am personally keen to get in the next container is a large quantity of soccer balls. I am sure we could find some local soccer clubs who would be keen to donate these to the kids in Timor.

Thanks again to our awesome community for the support in finances, donations and physical help with this container. I promise it will change lives.