Lebanon School Update

[two_third extra=”” anim=””] “Now we have hope we have a future!” he said to me.   I asked: “What happened?” and he answered “my son Dawoud can now read and he is the first one in our family to read, thank you so much.”[/two_third]
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Dawoud is a student at our King’s Kids Educational Centre (KKEC). Our centre is located 20 km south of Beirut and seeks to provide refugee kids with an environment in which they can be taught, loved and cared for. We started this centre back in 2011, when thousands of refugees came to our town and kids were not being allowed into the local school system because they didn’t know enough English or French. God laid it on our hearts to create a place in which they could experience the love of Jesus through a Christian education while being prepared to succeed in local schools. If our centre did not exist, many kids as young as six years old would be working, at home or on the streets. This is our 6th year since we started and we have grown to over 180 students with several more on a waiting list.   At the end of the last year the Lord told us the work is not over yet so we continued. As of now, we have most of what we need to keep the school running – classrooms, desks, white boards, etc. However, we are still in need of about $55,000 to pay for transportation, rent, teachers, and helpers. God has blessed us with a great team and e has given us 180 of His precious children to care for and we want to empower every single one of them to reach their fullest potential in Him.

We continue because the need is still there around us and more because our Father told us to do so but we can’t do it alone, we need you. Would you please pray about partnering with us?

You can partner with us by:

  • Giving a one-time gift
  • Monthly gift
  • Sponsoring one child or more (we can send info on various students)
  • Praying. We can send you regular updates.
  • Therefore, it is extremely important to us that we be able to accomplish the task set before us, preventing these students from sliding into lifestyles of poverty while providing them with the opportunity to grow into healthy and productive members of society.
  • Dawoud went home from our center and the first thing he did was to ask his mother if there are people in her life that she did not forgive. She said no. Then he asked her, “Mom, how about when you were young? till now?” She said, “Oh there are many, many.” Dawoud looked at his mom and said “Mom, you need to forgive every one of them because if you don’t it is like carrying a bag full of stones or like having something bitter in your stomach.” Dawoud led his mom to pray and to forgive. (Forgiveness was the topic of the chapel for that week in the center).


Love and blessings

King’s Kids Educational Center team.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause.  100% of donations go to the school as Para Marcia have no domestic administration expenses.

All donations over $2 to Para Marcia Ltd are tax deductible.

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