Population: 6 Million

Major challenge: Syrian Refugee crisis 

Refugee Population: 1 Million

Our response: Support through education.

Ages: 4-14 years (kindergarten to grade five)

Subjects: Arabic, English, Mathematics, Science, Art, Pastoral Care and Sport. Arabic literacy is the focus for those attending school for the first time.


In the 60’s Beirut was known as the Paris of the Mediterranean, you could ski the slopes in the morning and sail the jewel coloured Mediterranean in the afternoon. But this beautiful nation, who have longed to be known as the modern prosperous people among the Arab states, has had some difficult times since the civil war and now is front an centre of the largest refugee crisis of our time. According to UNHCR Lebanon has just over one million refugees, in a population of six million.  Consequently Lebanon just cannot provide all the resources and rights to the refugees that its own citizens have.  This means the Syrian refugees children living in Lebanon cannot attend Lebanese Schools.  If this crisis lasts another five years some of these children would have never had the opportunity to attend school.  We all know that lack of education is not only a lifelong disadvantage to a person and an almost certain sentence to a life of poverty, the problems this causes in a population are well documented. 

How are we involved

Para Marcia are partnering with a school for Syrian refugees in the south of Beirut.  In total 150 students attend the school.  Children of all faiths are welcome but the majority are Muslim.   The school also provides counselling and pastoral care for the children.

The school has been operating for four years and is seeing remarkable results in the improvement of the children’s intellectual, emotional and spiritual well being. 

Please consider donating to this worthy cause.  100% of donations go to the school as Para Marcia have no domestic administration expenses.

All donations over $2 to Para Marcia Ltd are tax deductible.

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Interesting fact.

In 2016 classes commenced for children who had never been to school before and were totally illiterate. After 7 months most of them are able to read and write in Arabic and have learned some English as well.

Testimony from workers

“Working closely with the children this year we realised that the majority are traumatised or have endured extremely difficult situations. We started noticing the changes in their behaviour and personality.”

Education + Love

“We realised that through love, a listening ear, encouraging words and respect the children are experiencing in the centre, they are growing in self-confidence, smiling much more and progressing in all areas of their education as well.”