Occupied Palestinian Territories

Palestinian Territories

Population: 4.4 Million (Palestinians) 

Major challenge: Conflict, living under occupation

Our response: Support through various education, training and support programs.

Programs: Womens Empowerment, English classes. Art therapy classes


The Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) is the description used to describe the West Bank including East Jerusalem.  This area as been an area of conflict for over sixty years.  The problems in this region are massive and as we build this area of the website we will talk about some of them. It is also an area of highly charged political engagement.  Para Marcia’s concern as always is to find a way to serve and strengthen the population. We have partnered with an NGO again with the same goals, low cost programs that give help and hope to a people who are at risk.  Have a look at our summary, keep an eye out her and on our social media for updates and more details. 

How are we involved?

Para Marcia are partnering with an NGO in the West Bank who provide a variety of education programs.  These include English classes, women’s empowerment programs, art therapy classes for those who are psychiatric wards, programs for orphans in children’s homes and income generation programs.

These programs make significant impact in an environment of political tension and often hopelessness. 

Please consider donating to this worthy cause.  100% of donations go to this project as Para Marcia have no domestic administration expenses.

All donations over $2 to Para Marcia Ltd are tax deductible.

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Language Classes.

English is emerging as the trade language of the Middle East even between the Arab States and China.  Our English classes provide an opportunity for employment for a region with 23% unemployment. We also run Mandarin, Portuguese and Arabic classes. 

Women’s Empowerment.

In a region where the contribution of women is routinely undervalued we run programs like ‘shine for women’.  This program has had wonderful results in teaching these women about their true value. Women’s Empowerment is one of the UN’s 8 Millennium Goals

Women At Risk Programs

These programs include art therapy, income generation and counselling for victims of abuse.  This works to prevent women being trafficked into prostitution or abuse situations. This picture shows the card making in a women’s psychiatric ward.

Education + Love

Our team teach art therapy in the children’s home to engage the children in activities, encourage creativeness and show them the love and care they deserve. 

How are we connected?

This work in the Middle East is run by International Learning Centres Middle East.  Janine Samuels is the director of ILC Middle East, and makes it her mission to ensure ILC provides the most amazing programs for the people in the greatest need. We can assure you that every dollar you put in to  goes to the grass roots needs of people in the Middle East.