Hospital Supplies and Toys for Timor – March 2015

Jesus said "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these".  While holding some midwifery training Lucinda left her training doll on a table and soon noticed a group of village girls crowding around it, taking turns to nurse it.  She decided that with the next shipment of medical supplies she would ask for donations of dolls for the children.

When the Australian team heard about the need we decided along with some donated good quality toys we would collect donations especially for new toys for the children.  In no time we had enough to buy many boxes of new baby dolls as well as toy trucks form a wholesaler, our thanks to all who donated.

Here at Para Marcia we believe that the people of Timor deserve respect and dignity while they find their place in the world, and we try to send the best quality we can afford. Having said that it looks like this little one has picked up a fabulous preloved sparkly shirt with her doll.

Medical Supplies

Of course the majority of the shipment was medical supplies and essentials for the community in Weberek.  We even had a brand new gas fridge donated by the team in Parkes, which was a great blessing in a community without power. Para Marcia is constantly sending shipments of goods to Timor Leste so please help us make sure the next shipment includes all the things on our wish