New Vehicle for Timor

UPDATE: This project has been funded and our staff in East Tiimor are enjoying their new Toyota Hilux. Thank you for your donations, prayers and support. 

East Timor is an extremely mountainous country with very poor roads. To perform our work we have to travel quite a bit. We currently have a 1999 Mitsubishi Triton which has taken us all over the country, but she is starting to show signs of her age, so we are looking to upgrade her.  Read on to find out the details. Click the "Donate Now" button to donate and Select "New Vehicle" from the fund to ensure the funds are allocated to the vehicle.


Here are some pictures of our vehicle getting around Timor Leste.  She has been over every inch.  She is frequently used as an ambulance, quite often used as a taxi and regularly used for our staff to distribute goods in support to various clinics and hospitals. As the only vehicle in Weberek we are frequently asked to use the vehicle for various purposes.  We have to decline most of these requests as we are more and more aware that she only has only so many kilometres left in her.


The other issue with the vehicle is that it has no air-conditioning. This may seem like a luxury but East Timor is very hot and driving even relatively short distances takes a long time because of the state of the roads.  If there is a pregnant woman or a feverish child in the car, this air conditioning can be extremely important. Because of vehicle import restrictions in East Timor there are very few appropriate vehicles available for sale in East Timor and they are very expensive.  So we plan to purchase the vehicle in Australia and ship it to East Timor. Unfortunately we can't import a vehicle less than five years old, so it has to be pretty new. If you have a heart to help us with this, your contribution would be very much appreciated. To contribute to this fund please click the Donate button and select "New Vehicle" from the fund option.