Water Supply to Wedauberec Maternity Clinic

Can you imagine a Maternity clinic without water?  Ignaz Semmelweis introduced the now common practice of hand washing to modern medicine in the mid 1800's and drastically reduced the rate of infection during childbirth.  Since then hygiene has be intimately connected with the practice of safe obstetrics. However even this is a luxury that some hospitals in Timor can't afford.  The medical clinic in Wedauberek has has water connected to it for a while, but the maternity section still collects water from the well.  Rotary have donated AUD$1000 to connect water directly to the hospital.


The water supply in Weduberek and the neighbouring village of Besusu is from wells.  This picture is from the well at Besusu, this is how the maternity hospital is currently gathering it's water.

Weduberek maternity clinic is now connected to water.

WedauberekClinic1 copy