Newsletter December 2014

Dear Friends 

Marta, Alina & I returned to Dili on Tuesday. Marta has decided to return to her Island of Autauro and is praying about doing a guitar course next year to improve her musical skills. Alina & I will return to Weberek today and will have a Christmas celebration with the Christians and their families on Christmas Eve in Weberek.December2012

Maria do Carno, our birthing attendant in training has recently returned to Weberek after completing a full course of treatment for tuberculosis in Dili. Alina, Maria & I have been attending antenatal visits together in Weberek and I have been teaching both Alina and Maria from a book titled, ‘Where there is no Midwife.’

 In my previous newsletter I shared about Marcus & his family’s needs for a new house because their current house floods and becomes a pool of muddy water each time there is a few consecutive days of heavy rain. We had the privilege of sharing with Marcus and his wife Celestina recently that they will be receiving in the near future, in total all of the remaDec2014ining funds up to $5000.00 required for them to build a new house. Praise God for this amazing answer to prayer for Marcus & his family.

December20142Each Sunday we have been visiting a small Presbyterian Church in the village of Besusu,   about a 35minute drive from Weberek. They only receive a visiting pastor about every 4-5wks and have been asking us to preach God’s word and lead prayer/praise & music worship each Sunday. 

Alina will be coming to Australia with me for just over one month from 07 January to 10 February to have a well deserved rest from her year of labour and to share with friends & churches as God leads, some of the amazing testimonies of what the Lord is doing in East Timor and specifically Weberek & Besusu. 

Our deepest thanks to all of our faithful family & friends for your love, support and & prayer throughout 2014. We would like to wish you all a very blessed Christmas as you celebrate the love of our wonderful God &His gift to us, His precious Son, our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.

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