Newsletter October 2014

I will be returning to East Timor on 18 October via Cairns and Darwin, arriving in Dili on Tuesday,  21 October.

During this time back in Australia I have had a wonderful three week trip through Europe with my Mum. I want to thank those of you who helped to make that trip a reality.

LucindaSheetsOne third of a container of donated medical supplies, linen, toys, clothes and other items including a new gas/electric fridge will be trucked to Melbourne for shipping to East Timor by 27 October. Please pray for an uncomplicated and speedy process of this shipment and then transport to Weberek when the goods have been cleared through customs. 

There has been a recent change of doctor in Weberek. I will meet the new doctor on my return to Weberek in the next couple of weeks.  The doctor who was posted in Weberek for the past twelve months is now working with a group who visit villages to weigh the children from 5yrs & under & consult the pregnant women of each village. I have suggested to our previous Weberek doctor to encourage the group that he is now working with to request from the local health authority a sterile birth pack to be issued to each pregnant woman. The group have attended to antenatal care for several years but have not to date issued any equipment for the birth. Those of us who have been working in the area of health care in Weberek since 2004 have been providing the women in Weberek with a birth pack. Please pray with us that local health authorities in the near future will be the providers of all medical and maternity care in Weberek.

I will send more news from Weberek when I return to Dili from Weberek in November. Lucinda, Alina & Marta xo

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