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Since my first involvement with Para Marcia people have been asking me if I have been East Timor. My standard answer is “No, my involvement is really just an administration one”. What do I administrate? Well not a lot, some fundraising, some shipping, website, social media, I have ideas and give opinions, buy stuff, pack stuff, go to meetings, and that is where I like it. You see I am a kind person, a lover of God and his creation, but I don’t like to go where there may not be access to a clean toilet. I don’t like bad smells, I am not a fan of extreme heat, and if I do have extreme heat, I like it with air-conditioning or cocktails by the pool. I don’t want to give the impression that I am a princess, but I am for the most part, soft when it comes to conditions that are not ‘comfortable’.

As a Christian I believe that the poor and sick are a human responsibility, and I believe if we don’t minister to those in greater need than us is some way, we do not actually belong to Christ, how could we? But I don’t see any real need to put myself in deliberate discomfort for no apparent reason. My view has been “what good will I do in Timor?” Just another westerner, no medical training or any real practical skills at all. Can’t build anything, can’t fix anything.  But lately my stance on helping from afar has felt less comfortable, God has given me a little uncomfortable push.  So off I go, not for long just a few weeks, 10 days actually, with my delicate western teenagers in tow.

I may have undersold my skills a little, I can do some things and I do have things I plan to do in Timor Leste. I want to set up an e-commerce section for our website, so we can sell some products online to raise money for the work we want to do in Timor. Products of course, that are made in Timor, products that are both good quality and provide a living for those who produce them. Products that also are attractive to the westerner, that are viable in the commercial market. I have a reasonable eye and not a bad instinct for something that will sell. So I will be sourcing products, checking out shipping options and getting a sense of the needs so I can better support our team in Timor from my comfortable air conditioned office in Brisbane.

Along with far too much baggage, (currently consisting of some clothes and 50 birthing packs) I am of taking with me Ms 16 and Ms 14, my princesses teenage daughters, and of course my long suffering husband (who does have real skills and is not so soft). I am going to document my journey, partly for the amusement of my family and friends, and also for reasons that I don’t really know yet. So keep posted, under two weeks out and I am only just figuring out what I will take with us. I want to take a gift for the village so my next post may be getting that together.


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